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Megan Massacre

Megan Massacre (based out of Philadelphia, PA)

Megan Massacre is an alternative model and tattoo artist based out of Philadelphia, Pa. Megan has worked with many photographers in her career. Photographers: Scott Nichol, Jeff Cohn, Serena Star, Diable and many others.

Megan talks about her favorite foods. They are always changing but Boca spicy chicken patties, Pizza, Guacaomle, anything thats spicy mexican food, and pepper jack cheese. Megan is a vegetarian and attributes that fact to how she stays in shape. Megan works out in the mornings when her schedule allows it.

alternative tattoo megan massacre artist

Megan offers advice from time to time about how to get started in the tattoo industry.
Megan says, “learning tattooing is definitely super important. Also, make sure you get a proper tattoo apprenticeship and do not try and teach yourself.” Make sure you keep up on your drawing and artwork. Always draw what comes to mind. Take some art classes and always practice a lot. The more you practice, the more it becomes who you are – YOUR identity. The better you are at drawing the easier you will be able to pick up tattooing.

Megan Massacre – Clothing and Accessories: Gin Martini, Toxic Vision, Dementia, Venus, Vile Sindustry, Prototype, Sourpuss Clothing, Eirik Aswang, Metal Couture, Torture Couture, Jessica Louise, Collective Chaos Designs, Purrfect Pineapples, Too Fast Clothing


Megan Massacre in Popular Culture

Megan Massacre Book:
“The New American Pin-up Tattooed and Pierced”

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-Skin and Ink
-International Tattoo
-Inked Magazine
-Inked Girls Magazine
-Skin Art
-Savage Tattoo
-Tattoo Guru
-International Tattoo
-Tattoo Society
-Tattoo Revue
-Skin and Ink
-East Coast Ink
-Rise Tattoo Magazine
-Skin Shots

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